Derek Chauvin trial: George Floyd died from ‘low oxygen’, doctor says – live

Prosecutors are trying to dispel any notion that Floyd was physically OK when he telling officers he couldn’t breath. Tobin explains that a person can continue to speak right until the point when oxygen levels drop to a point of no return.

“It’s a very dangerous thing to think that because you’re able to speak, you’re doing ok,” he says.

Expert testifies: “If you can speak, you can breathe” gives a false sense of security calling it “true on the surface, but highly misleading & very dangerous mantra to have out there.” Will defense use this to suggest he was simply misinformed? #DerekChauvinTrial #GeorgeFloyd

It’s interesting to see prosecutors’ strategy on establishing Floyd’s cause-of-death through their questioning of Tobin.

By conveying Floyd’s inability to breathe as a confluence of factors—his position against the street, as well as the placement of handcuffs and presence of knees at multiple points on his body—they don’t have to rely on the exact location of Chauvin’s knee.

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