Senate to hold hearing into January Capitol attack by Trump supporters – live

Xavier Becerra, Joe Biden’s pick for health secretary, faces a busy couple of days of Senate hearings. Democrats have accused Republicans of playing politics with his nomination, despite it being a key appointment in the midst of a pandemic.

Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar notes for the Associated Press that Republican opposition has grown louder ahead of his nomination hearings. On Monday, Sens John Kennedy of Louisiana and Tom Cotton of Arkansas released a letter in which they asked Biden to withdraw the nomination, calling Becerra “unfit for any position of public trust.”

There was a lot of talk about how Joe Biden was willing to work across the aisle in a bipartisan fashion, particularly around Covid relief efforts. That’s maybe not a feeling that is getting reciprocated right now.

senior House Republican on GOP votes for Biden covid bill this week:

“Personally I expect zero. no effort to reach out to House Rs by majority or WH. why would any R vote for this?”

if accurate, would match the zero House R votes for 2009 Obama stimulus during financial crisis

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